an exhibition by Sara Angelica Spilling
One camera, a camping stove, a pair of hiking boots and a sleeping bag.
"I walk a little further, look a little deeper. Behind the big attractions I sometimes find the even more stunning hidden treasures."
The desire to get lost into Iceland’s raw nature and the separation from the known life and territory.
Deichmanske Nydalen. Separatutstilling opplag nr. 1. 50 x 70 cm. Januar 2018.
Nordic Light international Photo festival. Kollektivutstilling, UCS Scandinavia. April 2018
Stampen kulturhus. Separatutstilling. Februar 2018 
Aker Brygge. Separatutstilling opplag nr 2. 70 x 100 cm. Juni 2018

YME Art Posters vol. 3. Mai 2018
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